Sen. Porfirio

SPRINGFIELD – To bolster the public’s trust and establish ethical guidelines, State Senator Mike Porfirio supported a measure that addresses ongoing concerns regarding automated traffic enforcement.

“As legislators, we must continuously strive to earn the trust and confidence of the people we serve,” said Porfirio (D-Lyons Township). “It is through ethical reforms like this that we can achieve this.”

The measure prohibits campaign contributions from contractors who provide the automated traffic enforcement equipment, any political action committee created by such a contractor and any affiliates. Campaign contributions from such sources have been a cause for controversy in past years.

Further, beginning six months before an automated traffic law enforcement system is installed at an intersection, a county or municipality may not change the yellow light interval at that intersection.

Additionally, IDOT can revoke any permit for red light cameras if any official or employee who serves that county or municipality is charged with bribery, official misconduct or a similar crime related to the placement, installation or operation of the automated traffic law enforcement system in the county or municipality.

“We must be unwavering in our commitment to ethical behavior, as it ensures that we serve the public interest above all else and maintain the public’s trust in our institutions,” Porfirio said.

House Bill 3903 passed the Senate with bipartisan support.