basement pipes

BURBANK – The Illinois EPA announced a total of $90,000 in combined funds is coming to the cities of Berwyn and Summit to help identify service lines that may contain lead.

“The exposure to lead in drinking water poses a serious risk to our communities,” said State Senator Mike Porfirio (D-11th District). “This new aid will ensure that residents will be protected against the harmful health risks that come with lead contamination.”

The Lead Service Line Replacement Notification Act establishes timelines and requirements for the removal and replacement of all lead service lines in Illinois and creates a low-income water assistance program to help fund financial assistance and water projects that include lead pipe replacement. The LSLI Grant Program utilizes a portion of Illinois EPA Public Water Supply Loan Program loan support funds generated from loan repayments.

Berwyn will be granted $50,000 in aid and Summit will receive $40,000. Illinois has more lead service lines than any other state in the nation, with an estimated 730,000 to 1.4 million lead service lines in the ground.

“This funding will provide many communities with the necessary funding to develop a complete inventory identifying the types of water lines that exist in their drinking water supplies,” said Illinois EPA Director John Kim.

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