042723SC4394BURBANK– A measure championed by State Senator Mike Porfirio this year expanded the Residential Sound Insulation Program Advisory Committee by two members, and recently, Senate President Don Harmon appointed Porfirio as one of these members.

“The goal with expanding the committee was to provide additional insight for municipalities, ensuring that affected areas have adequate representation,” said Porfirio (D-Lyons Township). “I’m grateful to President Harmon for entrusting me with this responsibility, and I look forward to being able to serve Cook County residents in a new way.”

Municipalities can establish Residential Sound Insulation Programs to mitigate the impacts of aircraft noise and pollution on neighboring homes by replacing residential windows and monitoring the off-gassing of those replacements. At least 10% of window replacements must go to homes that are considered in extreme hardship.

The committee—with the changes Porfirio’s legislation enacted—is comprised of 11 members who monitor the various municipal programs and have the authority to determine which homes contain windows or doors that cause offensive odors and are thus eligible for replacement.

“The city of Chicago has already sound insulated more than 21,000 homes near O’Hare and Midway airports,” said Porfirio. “I’m excited for the opportunity to continue this trend and improve the quality of living for community members in these highly impacted areas.”

Porfirio’s appointment to the RSIP Advisory Committee is effective immediately and expires January 2025.