Sen. Mike Porfirio

LYONS TOWNSHIP – State Senator Mike Porfirio will redouble his efforts to improve and develop effective policies for veterans in his role of Vice Chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

“As a veteran myself, I know firsthand the issues that are most important to those who served our nation,” said Porfirio (D-Lyons Township). “Our country’s brave men and women deserve to know the legislature has their back when they return home.”

As a veteran, Porfirio will work to ensure that Illinois veterans are treated with respect and dignity and that their input is included in new legislation. He is also set to help lead the way in promoting practical policies through his role as a member of the Senate Local Government, Transportation, and Financial Institutions Committees.

Porfirio – whose career background is in local government – will bring his decades of experience to shine a greater light on the needs of local governments.

“Local government is the heart of our communities,” said Porfirio. “Support for our local government is support for our community’s families.”

Porfirio looks forward to his first year in the Illinois Senate.