Recreation CenterBURBANK – The Park District of La Grange and the Community Park District of La Grange Park are among the 111 recipients of Open Space Land Acquisition and Development grants distributed through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, State Senator Mike Porfirio announced Friday.

“By securing this funding for our local park districts, we ensure the preservation of natural spaces and develop sanctuaries where families can gather,” said Porfirio (D-Lyons Township). “We are promoting a healthier, happier community that thrives on outdoor recreation for generations to come.”

Nearly $55 million in state grants are being awarded for 111 local park projects throughout Illinois to help communities acquire land and develop recreational opportunities. The Park District of La Grange and the Community Park District of La Grange Park are each set to receive $600,000 through the OSLAD program.

Established by the General Assembly in 1986, OSLAD is a cost-sharing program between state and local governments that helps communities fund land acquisition and development for parks and outdoor recreation projects. It has become one of the most popular grant programs in Illinois. Since its establishment 38 years ago, OSLAD has awarded nearly $585 million for park projects throughout Illinois.

“Supporting this funding isn’t just about enhancing our green spaces,” said Porfirio. “It’s an investment in the health of our citizens and the vitality of our neighborhoods. We’re building a stronger foundation for the wellbeing of our current and future residents.”

For more information about the OSLAD grant program and to see a full list of recipients, visit IDNR’s website.